MyJetPillow is currently undergoing clinical trials to receive FDA approval. 
Currently, to date we have prescribed over 5,000 pillows to patients with endless reasons for the treatment of upper back, neck.  

With one main goal in mind.  That is to decrease their acute or chronic neck pain. 

When the pillow is prescribed to each patient these are the instructions given: 

Mrs. Jones the pillow is designed to act as a new fast acting tool to help decrease your pain and relieve pressure.  For best results use the pillow to get in a neutral position. What I mean by getting in a neutral position is by reclining back with the pillow under your neck and head in a way that Illuminates as much pain as possible.  By laying in a neutral position you are basically allowing the pillow to hold up
your head and do the work for your spine.  This very  effective self fitting support that provides a new level of relief to the cervical spine.  This reduces any significant disc pressure on a nerve and greatly reduces pain and inflammation.
It even works best if you want to rub in a good natural menthol cream like bio-freeze, or Feelsgood cream on the neck.  Add a re-usable ice pack into the top pocket ( That come with the the pillow) & take 2 Aleve liquid gel caps then lay back & relax.  This all works together to reduce your stress, tension, headaches muscle & nerve pain much faster and stronger than any ever before, with side effects or chance for addiction. 
The best time to perform this is just before bedtime allowing it all to work through the night. So when you wake in the morning you have slept much better and wake with a lot less pain and feel refreshed. 

You’re looking for slow steady improvement on a weekly basis. As long as you’re seeing that there shouldn’t be a doctor in the world telling you to do anything different, because you are on the right track. 

The results are speaking for themselves. 
Currently this regiment has created a significant improvement in all patients who have been suffering with a variety of neck pain.
Since we started prescribing the pillow with cold therapy, and performing our own personal clinic trails on patients who have been in recent Motor Vehicle accidents suffering from whiplash, muscle strain/sprains or even herniated disc. We have witnessed a great deal of improvement of some existent in each patients quality of life.  Most common results is Much better pain control, improved head & neck support and stability, 
Decrease muscle spasms & tension Headaches.   

The conclusion are witnessing a safe and effective new way of healing, in much less times and providing the patient with a whole new way for them to also treat into the future.

This all make sense, because when any joint in the body is injured, then wrapped, compressed, immobilized, supported, iced, elevated, and rested. The injured joint always heals & feels better by doing all these things, compared to not Performing these functions.  I noticed it is easy to perform all this to any joint of the body, except the neck, until now. 

Because the pillow was designed to provide and arm a patient with all these functions and more.  For the very first time post trauma patients have a much better solution and outcome for healing.  That is only possible by offering our self fitting/ adjustable head & neck support.  That successfully offers the neck the same level of relief as all the other joints in the body.  

This is accomplished because of our patented internal adjustable skeletal system that provides adjustable levels of support for each individual patients.  In conjunction with our built in pump for providing traction to the neck.  Along with helping returning lost kyphosis (curve in the neck) from whiplash and finally Temperature control. 

Developing this new level of comfort and support has been in missing link in medicine for a long time.  Once I discovered it, I made it our mission to provide a solution. Currently as a result we are witnessing real results and  seeing in our post trauma patients quality of life during our care greatly improved. 
The goal is to prove this and share if doctors all over the world, so they can do the same with their patients as well. 


Dr. Mike