Using the MyJet Luxopedics Neck Pillow to Reduce Patient Discomfort in the Dental Chair

Going to the dentist can be stressful enough for some people, but when they have to sit still for extended periods of time with uncomfortable neck positions it can make the experience even worse. That's where the MyJet Luxopedics neck pillow designed specifically for dental chairs come in - it offers added support and comfort to patients during procedures, making their visit much more relaxing.  Combined with the MyJet Luxopedics lumbar support designed specifically for dental chairs, we have created a new level of comfort for tailoring various forms of dental and medical appointments to all patients; especially those with special positioning needs due to injuries, arthritis, anxiety and acute or chronic pains.

To date, an inexpensive bone pillow, rolled up lab coat or throw pillow wrapped in a plastic bag is still the most common type of support offered at practices around the nation but do little to help alleviate pain and discomfort while sitting in the reclined position for extended periods of time. Our products offer superior lumbar and cervical support to all dental and medical chairs; they greatly improve cervical and spinal alignment and comfort for patients as well as enhanced visualization and patient positioning for providers. Providing proper support not only creates a more patient driven experience, but most importantly, it keeps the ergonomics of the provider at the forefront of each appointment to maintain efficient and effective treatment.