"All I have to say is...where have you been all my life MyJet?  Thank you for finally designing a travel pillow that not only looks incredible but feels amazing.  Nailed it."

- Betsy O. 

"I travel for a living and gave up on travel neck pillows a few years ago after being disappointed after every purchase.  My wife bought me a MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow as a birthday gift and, I have to admit, my faith has been restored.  I've owned at least ten travel pillows and none of them even come close to comparing to the MyJet pillow."

- Frank W. 

"I went on a missions trip with a group of people from my church and I was by far the most comfortable on our 22 hour flight thanks to MyJet.  Almost all of us had some type of travel pillow, but no one's compared to the quality and functionality of mine.  


- Patsy C.

"Not sure why it's taken so long for someone to figure this out, but thank you, nonetheless.  The internal brace and headrest strap make a huge difference.  Love being able to add a heat or cold pack too.  You can tell a lot of thought went into your design.  It definitely shows.  

- Tom B.

"Excellent so far.  There's a bit of a learning curve because unlike most travel pillows, this one is designed to be molded and customized for the most comfort.  Kind of like a pair of nice shoes.  Really appreciate being able to add or remove foam in the back.  

- Jesse C.

" I get compliments all the time when I'm traveling.  That's a first.  When is the last time someone complimented your neck pillow? lol.

- Sven B.