Revolutionized Neck Support

enjoy world-class comfort wherever life takes you

Say hello to ridiculously comfortable, everywhere, everyday neck support and goodbye to bobbing heads and kinked necks.

Physician-designed with your unique anatomy in mind, MyJet Luxopedic Travel Pillow offers first-of-its-kind customization.  A patented internal skeletal system conforms to your head, neck and shoulders in a way conventional U-shaped models fail to achieve.  Easily adjust thickness, firmness, temperature and level of support moment-to-moment.  MyJet Luxopedic Travel Pillow affixes to the universal plane seat and vehicle headrest providing stabilization, gentle traction of the neck and decompression of nerves for unmatched comfort. Supple leather and premium materials merge in a chic, contemporary design that's built to last.


Unmatched Comfort


Experience the Difference

At last, a travel pillow that actually does what it’s supposed to do.

MyJet Luxopedic Travel Pillow was created knowing conventional models that lack an internal support system and on-the-go adjusting will always fail to provide true comfort. Enter a physician-designed, fully customizable pillow that delivers the support your body needs. Step off the plane relaxed and rejuvenated, and ready to embrace your destination.