Your destination matters.  So does how you get there.  Choose to travel well.

Behind the Design

MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow and Travel Pack are wellness-centered luxury products, created in response to the ubiquitous discomfort associated with travel. Decades of experience in a medical setting have culminated in a travel pillow that actually does what it claims – provides relief and enhances your overall travel experience.  Clinical insight in anatomy, physiology and ergonomics, as   well as extensive research in effective internal support systems, has allowed us to revolutionize the conventional travel pillow. Enter a fully customizable design made to fit your body. Handmade of quality materials, with a patented adjustable internal skeletal system for first-of-its-kind support, MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow will be your new favorite seatmate.

A note from the creator...

Dr. Michael Majette, creator of MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow

Since childhood, I have been concerned with the comfort of those around me. The joy that comes with helping a person in need has continued to serve me throughout my endeavors as a physician, and has ultimately led to the creation of MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow and Pack.  In my practice, I specialize in musculoskeletal conditions with proper ergonomics.  Chronic neck and back pain are routinely presented, which has allowed me deep insight into both the healing and prevention of these ailments.  As an avid traveler, I have been on the pursuit to find products – especially neck pillows – that relieve the distress and resulting pain from long-term sitting. To my dismay (along with that of my fellow travelers), it’s a search that has continued to come up empty. After experiencing a slew of products that exasperate rather than aid, solving travel discomfort was no longer an individual desire; it was an epidemic requiring systematic approach and specialized attention. 

It brings me great joy to offer a line of products I can confidently recommend to fellow travelers, patients and the public. So hop in the car, book the flight, say yes to adventure, and bring travel on.


Happy travels,