Cold & Heat Pack
Cold & Heat Pack Cold & Heat Pack
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Experience Targeted Relief with MyJet Luxopedic Heat and Cool Pack

Are you looking for an effective solution to soothe neck and shoulder pain? Discover the MyJet Luxopedic Heat and Cool Pack, designed to provide targeted relief for your discomfort.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Pain Relief: Our heat and cool pack is a versatile accessory compatible with select MyJet Luxopedic Pillows. It offers both hot and cold therapy, allowing you to choose the most suitable treatment for your needs.

  2. Instant Soothing: When heated, the pack provides gentle warmth that helps relax tense muscles and improve blood circulation in the neck and shoulder area. Cold therapy can reduce inflammation and ease acute pain.

  3. Customized Comfort: The MyJet Luxopedic Heat and Cool Pack is contoured to fit the curves of your neck and shoulders, ensuring maximum coverage and optimal contact for effective therapy.

  4. Reusable and Eco-Friendly: Say goodbye to single-use disposable packs. Our reusable pack is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective. Use it whenever you need relief from discomfort.

  5. Easy to Use: Simply heat the pack in the microwave or cool it in the freezer.  Then, insert it into your compatible MyJet Luxopedic Pillow for targeted relief. It's that easy!

Benefits of Heat and Cold Therapy:

  • Heat Therapy: Relaxes muscles, increases blood flow, and can alleviate chronic neck and shoulder pain.

  • Cold Therapy: Reduces inflammation, numbs sore areas, and provides relief from acute pain caused by injuries.

Whether you're dealing with everyday tension or recovering from an injury, the MyJet Luxopedic Heat and Cool Pack offers a convenient and effective way to manage neck and shoulder discomfort. Upgrade your pillow for personalized relief today!

***For heat, place in the microwave for NO MORE THAN 20 SECONDS.