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Turn Coach into First Class with the MyJet Travel Pack. 

This physician-curated collection provides you with matchless comfort and ergonomic support from head to toe.  Experience first-of-its kind relaxation with MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow. Feel at ease in your surroundings with a premium travel blanket and eyeshades. Relieve low-back pressure and have the choice to straighten your legs with an adjustable footrest. Gain additional seat space by utilizing a flexible device holder that allows your tray table to remain in its upright position. Control your temperature with hot and cold packs that insert conveniently into the pillow’s cover. Designed to enhance your entire travel experience, this easy-to-pack set will have you asking, “Where to?”

The Jetsetter Travel Pack includes:

  • MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow
  • Durable, lightweight, hammock-style footrest with adjustable straps for proper height and maximum comfort
  • Satin sleep mask with nose pad to block additional light
  • 80% Polyester/20% cotton blanket that is soft to the touch and packs down easily
  • Lightweight device holder, comprised of closed-cell foam and an aluminum core, and accommodates both large and heavy tablets
  • Qty. 10 Pairs of single use, instant hot packs
  • Qty. 5 Single-use, instant cold packs