Learn How the MyJet Luxopedics Neck Pillow Can Help Reduce Discomfort.

If you're a dental practitioner, you understand how crucial patient comfort is during procedures. The use of the MyJet Luxopedics neck pillows designed specifically for dental chairs can be a cost-effective solution to the discomfort that patients experience during treatments. By placing head and neck support right under your patients' heads, our specially designed pillows help reduce discomfort and strain to the neck muscles by maintaining correct alignment.   This results in less frequent changes in position and fewer breaks needed during the procedure, allowing patients to relax and feel more comfortable in the dental chair.



Through advanced bracing technology, the MyJet Luxopedics neck pillow can easily be customized on the spot for all patients and seamlessly fit onto dental and medical chairs with features that provide perfect support and alignment, warm or cool temperature regulation, and various angles of use.