What's in your Travel First-Aid Kit?

It's no secret that the "getting there" part of travel can be a total drag.  Whether sitting for hours on a long road trip or on a flight across country,  the pain and discomfort associated with sitting for long hours in a tight, cramped seat can be unbearable at times.   Since flying first-class or in a private jet isn't an option for most of us, you should get into the habit of packing a small travel first-aid kit with items that you know will help you enjoy your journey. 

Here's what's in mine and my wife's travel-first aid kit:

1) A collapsible foot rest to help alleviate lower back pain and a small cushion to sit on.

2) Muscle pain relieving cream or gel - we use Cryoderm

3) Disposable heat and cold packs

4) A small blanket

5) Lavender essential oil roll on that promotes relaxation and stress relief 

6) OTC pain relievers for the occasional headache 

7) Noise-cancelling ear phones

8) And, of course, our MyJet Luxopedic Neck Support Pillows.  Unlike other travel pillows or neck supports, it's strong enough to hold up our heads and gives our necks a break which allows us to rest comfortably.  

Happy travels!

Dr. Mike