Top 5 Tips to Using Your MJL Neck Support

To get the full benefit of your MyJet Luxopedic Neck Support Pillow, it's important to tailor it to your personal preferences.  Follow these five tips to receive the maximum benefit and return on your investment.  

1) Push in or pull apart the adjustable arms for the perfect amount of head and neck support for you.

2) Break in the leather.  With use, the leather fibers will loosen and mold to your body.

3) Get used to using it at different angles.  For instance, on a 45-degree angle it will assist in relieving pressure that builds at the base of your skull.  Use the headrest strap when you can for added stability and gentle decompression of the neck.

4) Add in the heat or ice pack to reduce pain or stress.

5) Use it often.  20-minutes a day helps to relieve tech-neck.