The most effective solution for patient comfort and positioning.

Featuring a patented internal brace, the MyJet Luxopedics pillow topper system properly positions the patient's head naturally toward the operator and alleviates pain in the neck and lower back. With 360-degree neck support and proper leg elevation, patients can tolerate being reclined further for longer making visualization easier for the operator.  

  • Custom Matching
    We can match your current chairs for a seamless look.
  • 100% Sanitizable
    Sanitize the same way you would clean your chairs.
  • No Covers Required
    We use hospital-grade UltraLeather or similar fabric.
  • Lifetime Support
    We offer a lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defects.

Benefits to the Provider:

  • Improves Visualization

  • Improves Ergonomics and Comfort

  • Keeps Patient's Head in Neutral Position

  • Offers Multiple Angles of Use

  • Provides Competitive Edge

  • Gains Patient Trust and Acceptance

  • Patients Can Lean Back Further for Longer

Benefits to the Patient:

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

  • Reduces Physical Pain Points in Neck and Lower Back

  • Diminishes the Sense of Loss of Control

  • Allows the Ability to Lean Back Further for Longer

  • Improves the Ability to Hold Mouth Open

  • Reduces Vertigo Symptoms

Custom Color Match: Select "Custom Color" and we will contact you once your order is received to begin the color matching process to your current chairs.

Knee WedgeNeck SupportNeck & Knee Combo
UltraBlackCustom Color

Fabric Material

UltraLeather: With a natural grain appearance, UltraLeather delivers a quintessentially classic style that elevates the experience of leather. Soft and supple to the touch with proven high-performance benefits.  UltraLeather is available in 68 shades.
What are the benefits of using UltraLeather?
  • Superior durability — industry-leading 14+ weeks hydrolysis results
  • Bleach cleanable (1:5 bleach/water solution)
  • Meets Healthcare Without Harm’s Healthy Interiors Criteria V2.3

Quick Set Up Tips

  • Place the strap attached to each neck pillow over the dental chair headrest.
  • "Optional" - unzip the top pocket and add in 1 heat or cold pack provided.  1 heat pack lasts for 8 hours.  We also have an option for embedding electric heat into each neck pillow.
  • Lay the patient back on the pillow.  Firmly and slowly squeeze the arms of the neck pillow toward the patient to add support.  To release the amount of support, gently pull the arms of the neck pillow apart until relief is felt.  Encourage the patient to adjust the neck support pillow before getting started to ensure the most comfortable fit.
  • Now, you can position the patient's head by rotating the pillow rather than asking the patient to turn their head.
  • Lastly, elevate the patient's legs onto the lumbar support pillow.

Recommended Cleaning Suggestions

Best solution for all difficult patients.

From the drama queen to the patient whose neck is truly wracked with arthritis, a patient may find it difficult getting into the position needed for effective treatment for many reasons. Laying each patient back on the MyJet Luxopedics topper system before treatment begins is the answer to resolving pain points that cause treatment interruptions.  

A Practice Pearl that will make your patients love you even more.

With our aging population, the need for your practice to accommodate patients mentally and physically to get the job done will continue to grow. MyJet Luxopedics is the leader in thoughtfully designed, hospital-grade positioning pillows. Our goal is to advance the in-office experience by offering quick and effective ergonomic solutions for patients and providers.  Ensuring your patients are comfortable and receiving the support they need not only creates a more patient-driven experience but also keeps the ergonomics of the provider at the forefront of each appointment to maintain excellence in treatment delivery. 

Improves provider visualization and ergonomics.

Ergonomics in dentistry means preventing musculoskeletal problems by enabling the dentist or hygienist to adopt a more natural and comfortable posture. However, with nearly 70% of dental professionals suffering from neck and back pain, it's evident that maintaining proper posture is not always easy.  In addition to providing patient relief, the MyJet Luxopedics neck support pillow simultaneously acts as a fulcrum where dental providers can rest their hands and wrists during treatment, thereby adding another arrow in the quiver for reducing upper back and neck pain.   

What Our Customers Are Saying

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

Can you custom match my current chairs?

Yes, in most cases we use hospital-grade UltraLeather fabric on our toppers which is the same fabric that newer medical and dental chairs are covered with.   It's only a $100 upgrade per pillow for us to match our topper system to your current chair color.
Are the toppers sanitizable and what do we clean them with?
Definitely.  You can clean our toppers with the same dinsinfectant you use to clean your chairs.

Does the neck pillow require a cover?

No, our toppers do not require covers.  Just give them a wipe down the same way you would your chairs in between each patient.
What is your return policy?
We offer a 30-day, no questions asked return policy on all non-custom toppers.

Do you offer a warranty?

We will happily cover any manufacturer defects on your products for their lifetime.  After years of use, some of your toppers may need a lift.  In addition, we will refresh and refurbish your current toppers from any wear and tear once per year free of charge.

What colors do you offer?

We offer UltraBlack and UltraWhite as standard colors.  Any other requested color is considered custom.  
Where are they made?
All of our products are responsibly sourced and proudly made in the USA.  Our topper pillows are hand-stitched in NYC and assembled in Tampa, FL.
How are the neck pillows heated and cooled?
We provide various methods of heating and cooling (electric, instant and reusable) that are all included with your purchase price.

A first of its kind option for neck support while sitting through long medical & dental appointments.

Our head and neck support pillows seamlessly fit onto all dental chairs and feature warm or cool temperature regulation and various angles of use. Combined with our custom knee wedge, we turn the universal dental and medical chair into a custom chair offering orthopedic benefits to each patient. This winning combination can be added or removed within seconds.

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